Beautiful Habitat + Historic Locations = Where Adventure Begins

The Soldier Meadows Hot Springs.

The Soldier Meadows Hot Springs.

Privately Owned Hot Springs

Our hot springs are privately owned and reserved for guests of Soldier Mountains Ranch and Lodge! Wind down after a day of exploring and watch the clouds go by!

Not staying at the lodge? Feel free to come by to gain access for $10/person. 

I would recommend Soldiers Meadows Ranch to anyone and everyone.

Very relaxing place to visit with the natural hot springs, the beautiful scenery, wild animals and one of my favorite perks is there is no phone to disturb me while get away from the every day craziness off the big city.
— Seth B.


Soldier Meadows is not only recognized as part of Fort McGarry but as the "Gateway to High Rock Canyon." About eight miles from the Lodge is Fly Canyon, part of the Applegate Cutoff, where wagons were raised and lowered out of the canyon to continue on towards Northern California. Military, Native American, and pioneer history is sprinkled across the surrounding desert and provides many places to explore.

Mud Meadow at the edge of Fly Canyon.

Mud Meadow at the edge of Fly Canyon.

Soldier Meadows

Soldier Meadows

Habitat, Wildlife and Adventuring

| Big Horn Sheep | Antelope | Chukar | Coyotes | Deer | Mustangs/Burros |

are just a few of the wildlife species you can expect to encounter here!

There are also miles of trails to hike or take your off road vehicle. Scenic vistas are every photographer's dream and there are many kinds of rocks to be found. 

Also, take a drive up to Summit Lake for additional breath-taking views!




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